Submitting images to online stock photography agencies

Expression Studio 2.0

Microsoft Expression Media has created a set of tools that let professional photographers easily validate, submit, and upload their photographs to online stock agencies directly from the application. You can access these tools by using the Expression Media Submission Utility. To submit images to different agencies, you must first install the Submission Utility, and then download and install a plug-in specifically for the service you are submitting to. Currently, plug-ins exist for the following stock agencies with more planned soon:

  • Alamy

  • Corbis

  • Digital Railroad

  • Getty Images

To submit your images to online agencies, you will need the following:

  • The Submission Utility application, available for download at the Media Downloads website.

  • A submission plug-in and registered account from each agency that you want to submit to.

When you submit your photos, each agency requires that you follow unique submission guidelines and validation standards. However, the method of submission from Expression Media is similar for each agency. For specific information about how to work with an agency plug-in, see the Help documentation for that plug-in.

To install the Submission Utility and agency plug-ins

  1. Either visit the site whose gallery you want to submit to or visit the Media Downloads website. Download the Submission Utility and the corresponding plug-in for your agency.

  2. Make sure that Expression Media is closed.

  3. Double-click the .dmg file and then double-click the Submission Utility icon to install the application.

  4. Double-click the plug-in file that has the .emsuplug extension to install the configuration package for your chosen agency. The plug-in installer moves to the Trashupon installing.

  5. Open Expression Media. If the Submission Utility installed correctly, a new icon should appear on the right side of the toolbar. This icon is called the Workflows menu. You access all installed submission plug-ins from this window.

To submit your images to an agency

  1. Open or create an Expression Media catalog that contains the images that you want to submit.

  2. Select the images that you want to submit.

  3. In the application toolbar, locate the Workflows menu. It should be located on the right side of the toolbar. On the Workflows menu, click the agency that you want to submit to. The submission tool indicates which images need additional preparation and those that meet the agency’s requirements.

  4. Perform the requested modifications to the images using the tools in Expression Media. As you modify the images, they are added to the list of validated files in the Submission Utility.

  5. After all the files meet the requirements of the agency, you can either transfer them to your online account or burn them to a CD/DVD that you mail to the agency for submission.