Create a slide show movie

Expression Studio 2.0

Using the Save Slide Show as Movie feature, you can export your slide show as a QuickTime movie that uses the Slide Show settings that you specified in the Slide Show options or in the Slide Show controller, such as transition type, grid options, and image duration.

To create a Slide Show movie

  1. Set your Slide Show options. For more information, see Slide Show overview.

  2. On the Make menu, click Save Side Show as Movie.

  3. Set any one of the following options according to their descriptions:

    • For Dimensions, type the width and height that you want the final movie to be or select a preset dimension from the dimension list Dd129846.9fb882cf-265c-4948-9932-0b29c2a95630(en-us,Expression.10).png.

    • For Output Quality, select a quality setting from the list.

    • Click Include chapter track if you want QuickTime to displays the file name of each Slide Show file in a menu underneath the movie.

    • For the QuickTime Player options, select any one of the playback behaviors that you want for the QuickTime player. If you select Full Screen Mode, you can also select the size of the playback screen from the list underneath the option.

    • Select Launch player when done to immediately see your movie in the QuickTime player after Expression Media creates it.

  4. Click Save to specify a location for the finished movie.

  5. Click Save to create the movie.


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