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Generic Battery

The Generic Battery service provides information on the state of the battery and notifications when the battery level falls below a critical level.

The Generic Battery service supports the following operations:

BatteryUpdateSets the state of the battery or indicates a change in the battery's state.
CriticalLevelUpdateSets the critical level of the battery or indicates when the battery's power level has dropped below the critical level.
GetReturns the current state of the battery service.

The state of a generic battery has the following properties.

MaxBatteryPowerdoubleThe maximum value when the battery is fully charged (default value is 1).
PercentBatteryPowerdoublePercentage of battery power remaining.
PercentCriticalBatterydoublePercentage of battery power at which operation may be impaired.

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Robotics Common: Robotics Common Overview



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