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/= Operator

/= Operator

Divides the value of a variable by the value of an expression and assigns the result to the variable.

variable /= expression


Required. Any numeric variable.
Required. Any numeric expression.


This statement assigns a Double to the variable on the left hand side. If Option Strict is On, variable must be a Double. If Option Strict is Off, an implicit conversion will be made and the resultant value assigned to variable, with a possible error at run time. For more information, see Widening and Narrowing Conversions, and Option Strict Statement.


The following example uses the /= operator to divide one Integer variable by a second and assign the quotient to the first variable.

Dim var1 As Integer = 12
Dim var2 As Integer = 3
var1 /= var2   ' The value of var1 is now 4.

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