Troubleshooting Exceptions: System.IO.FileLoadException

A FileLoadException exception is thrown when a managed assembly is found but cannot be loaded.

Make sure that the file is a valid .NET Framework assembly.

This exception is thrown if the file is not a valid .NET Framework assembly. For more information, see Assembly.

Check to make sure an assembly or module was not loaded twice with two different evidences.

Evidence is the set of information that constitutes input to security policy decisions, such as what permissions can be granted to code. For more information, see GacRemove and Evidence

If using the RegisterAssembly or UnregisterAssembly methods, check to make sure the assembly name is not longer than MAX_PATH characters.

The assembly name's length cannot exceed MAX_PATH. For more information, see RegisterAssembly and UnRegisterAssembly.

If loading a satellite assembly, make sure the specified CultureInfo matches the file's CultureInfo.

Satellite assemblies contain localized resources which contain non-localizable executable code and resources for a single culture that serve as the default or neutral culture. For more information, see GetSatelliteAssembly.

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