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Call this member function to fill rectangle and triangle structures with color that smoothly fades from one side to the other.

BOOL GradientFill( 
   TRIVERTEX* pVertices, 
   ULONG nVertices, 
   void* pMesh, 
   ULONG nMeshElements, 
   DWORD dwMode  


Pointer to an array of TRIVERTEX structures that each define a triangle vertex.


The number of vertices.


Array of GRADIENT_TRIANGLE structures in triangle mode, or an array of GRADIENT_RECT structures in rectangle mode.


The number of elements (triangles or rectangles) in pMesh.


Specifies gradient fill mode. For a list of possible values, see GradientFill in the Windows SDK.

TRUE if successful; otherwise FALSE.

For more information, see GradientFill in the Windows SDK.

Header: afxwin.h

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