PageSetupDialog Component (Windows Forms)

The Windows Forms PageSetupDialog component is a pre-configured dialog box used to set page details for printing in Windows-based applications. Use it within your Windows-based application as a simple solution for users to set page preferences in lieu of configuring your own dialog box. You can enable users to set border and margin adjustments, headers and footers, and portrait vs. landscape orientation. By relying on standard Windows dialog boxes, you create applications whose basic functionality is immediately familiar to users.

In This Section

PageSetupDialog Component Overview (Windows Forms)

Introduces the general concepts of the PageSetupDialog component, which you can use to display a pre-configured dialog box that users can use to manipulate page settings.

How to: Determine Page Properties Using the PageSetupDialog Component

Explains how to set page properties by using an instance of the PageSetupDialog component at run time.



Provides reference information on the class and its members.

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