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Compiler Error CS1501

Updated: July 2009

No overload for method 'method' takes 'number' arguments

A call was made to a class method, but there is no form of the method that takes the necessary number of arguments.

CS1501 could occur if you are calling a method on a class in a referenced assembly and if that method has default values on one or more of its parameters. C# does not let you create methods with a default value on a parameter, but another language that targets the runtime might. If a parameter (in a method in a referenced assembly) has a default value, you must still call the method and explicitly pass all parameters.

The following sample generates CS1501.

using System;

namespace ConsoleApplication1
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            ExampleClass ec = new ExampleClass();
            // The following line causes compiler error CS1501 because 
            // ExampleClass does not contain an ExampleMethod that takes
            // two arguments.
            ec.ExampleMethod(10, 20);

    // ExampleClass defines two methods, one that has no parameters and
    // one that has a single parameter.
    class ExampleClass
        public void ExampleMethod()
            Console.WriteLine("Zero parameters");

        public void ExampleMethod(int i)
            Console.WriteLine("One integer parameter.");




July 2009

Replaced the example.

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