This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Building and Debugging

Building and debugging are key activities in the development of robust applications, components, and services. By using the tools in Visual Studio, you can control builds, identify and resolve errors efficiently, and test the builds in a variety of ways. The following documents describe how to use the tools.



Building in Visual Studio

Links to documents that show how to configure debug builds, release builds, and special builds for use by particular groups of internal and external users.

Debugging in Visual Studio

Links to documents that show how to run the Visual Studio debugger to resolve logic and semantic errors. Also links to documents that demonstrate techniques for particular technologies and languages.

Debug Interface Access SDK

Links to documents that show how to access debug information that is stored in program database files (.pdb), which are generated by Microsoft post-compiler tools.

Debugging Managed Code

Information about how to debug Visual Basic and Visual C# projects.

Deploying Applications and Components

Links to information about tools and technologies for deploying and distributing a solution.

.NET Framework Tools

Describes tools and utilities that are offered by the .NET Framework.