ProcessStartInfo Constructor ()

Initializes a new instance of the ProcessStartInfo class without specifying a file name with which to start the process.

Namespace: System.Diagnostics
Assembly: System (in system.dll)

public ProcessStartInfo ()
public ProcessStartInfo ()
public function ProcessStartInfo ()

You must set at least the FileName property before starting the process. The file name is any application or document. In this case, a document is defined to be any file type that has an open or default action associated with it. You can view registered file types and their associated applications for your computer using the Folder Options dialog available through the operating system. The Advanced button leads to a dialog that shows whether there is an open action associated with a specific registered file type.

Optionally, you can also set other properties before starting the process. The Verb property supplies actions to take, such as "print", with the file indicated in the FileName property. The Arguments property supplies a way to pass command line arguments to the file when the system opens it.

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