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 This option displays the list of DLLs (both statically linked and [delay loaded](../Topic/Linker%20Support%20for%20Delay-Loaded%20DLLs.md)) that are imported to an executable file or DLL and all the individual imports from each of these DLLs.  
 The optional `file` specification allows you to specify that the imports for only that DLL will be displayed. For example:  

dumpbin /IMPORTS:msvcrt.dll

## Remarks  
 The output displayed by this option is similar to the [/EXPORTS](../Topic/-EXPORTS.md) output.  
 Only the [/HEADERS](../Topic/-HEADERS.md) DUMPBIN option is available for use on files produced with the [/GL](../Topic/-GL%20\(Whole%20Program%20Optimization\).md) compiler option.  
## See Also  
 [DUMPBIN Options](../Topic/DUMPBIN%20Options.md)