This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Reference (Devices)

Visual Studio 2008

This section provides reference information for smart device projects. Related sections provide links to language-specific reference topics for device projects.

.NET Compact Framework Reference for Device Projects

Provides information about the .NET Compact Framework.

ATL Reference for Devices

Provides directions for displaying ATL reference topics supported in device projects.

MFC Reference for Devices

Provides reference topics for MFC for Devices.

C Run-Time Library Reference for Devices

Provides reference topics for the C Run-Time Library for Devices.

Standard C++ Library Reference for Devices

Provides reference topics for the subset of the Standard C++ library available for device application development.

Compilers for Smart Device Projects

Describes ARM, Renesas, and MIPS family processors, and lists differences between desktop and device compilers.

User Interface Reference for Devices

Lists interface elements available exclusively for smart device application development.

Visual Basic Language Reference for Devices

Summarizes the differences in available Visual Basic programming elements in smart device projects.

Error Messages (Devices)

Provides information about resolving issues for particular errors.

Smart Device Connectivity API Reference

Provides reference information for the Smart Device Connectivity API, a communications framework supported by Windows CE and Mobile devices.

Device Emulator Reference

Provide reference information for the Device Emulator.