This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Evaluation of Inherited Properties

A project configuration can inherit project settings from multiple property sheets.

When the project system evaluates properties that are inherited from multiple property sheets, the last property sheet inherited from will be the first property sheet evaluated against.

For example, if you specify a.vsprops; b.vsprops; c.vsprops as the value of the Inherited Property Sheets property for a project configuration, then the properties in c.vsprops has highest precedence, b.vsprops has higher precedence than a.vsprops, and a.vsprops has lowest precedence. In this case, a.vsprops, b.vsprops, and c.vsprops are peers, which means that they exist at the same level.

Property evaluation is done by a depth first scan, rather than breadth first.

In the preceding example, if c.vsprops inherits from d.vsprops, then the project system will look in d.vsprops before looking in b.vsprops.