Project Build Error PRJ0003


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Error spawning 'command line'.

A command, command line, which was formed from input in the Property Pages dialog box, returned an error code but no information will appear in the Output window.

Possible reasons for this error:

  • Your project depends on ATL Server. Beginning with Visual Studio 2008, ATL Server is no longer included as part of Visual Studio, but has been released as a shared-source project at CodePlex. To download the ATL Server source code and tools, go to

  • Low system resources. Close some applications to resolve this.

  • Insufficient security privileges. Verify that you have sufficient security privileges.

  • The executable paths specified in VC++ Directories do not include the path for the tool that you are attempting to run.

  • For makefile projects, you are missing a command to run on either Build Command Line or Rebuild Command Line.

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