This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Coding Aids

The Visual Studio .NET environment provides several tools that aid you in creating, navigating, and modifying code.

In This Section

Using IntelliSense
Describes the features of IntelliSense, a technology that displays language references as you type code, without having to leave the editor.
Using the Toolbox
Explains how to manipulate and use the Toolbox to add controls to your project's designers.
Viewing Classes and Their Members
Explains how to use Class View to get a logical view of your solution and its projects, as well as navigate throughout your code.
Browsing Code and Components
Explains how to use the Object Browser to examine and discover objects and their members from various components, either inside or outside your solution.
Editing HTML
Explains how to create and edit HTML documents with the HTML Designer.
Working With CSS Styles
Describes how cascading style sheet (CSS) styles can help give your HTML documents an attractive and uniform appearance.
Introduction to Framesets
Explains how to create, display, and customize framesets in your HTML documents.