This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Starts the definition of an embedded DHTML event map in a multipage dialog.



The name of the class containing the event map. This class should derive directly or indirectly from CMultiPageDHtmlDialog. The embedded DHTML event map must be inside a DHTML and URL event map).
Specifies the page whose event map this is. This matches mapName in the URL_EVENT_ENTRY macro actually defining the URL or HTML resource.


Because a multipage DHTML dialog consists of multiple HTML pages, each of which can raise DHTML events, embedded event maps are used to map events to handlers on a per-page basis.

Embedded event maps within a DHTML and URL event map consist of a BEGIN_EMBED_DHTML_EVENT_MAP macro followed by DHTML_EVENT macros and an END_EMBED_DHTML_EVENT_MAP macro.

Each embedded event map requires a corresponding URL event entry to map mapName (specified in BEGIN_EMBED_DHTML_EVENT_MAP) to a URL or HTML resource.


See the example in BEGIN_DHTML_URL_EVENT_MAP.

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