No Symbolic Information Dialog Box
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No Symbolic Information Dialog Box

This dialog box appears when you attempt to debug a project that has no symbolic debug information available. This may happen if:

  • You attempt to debug a Retail configuration of a project rather than the Debug configuration.

  • You have changed the Debug configuration settings in the Property Pages dialog box.

  • You are opening an EXE as a project.

If your EXE loads a DLL or class that has debugging information available, the debugger will load that information and you can continue to debug normally in that DLL or class.

To specify symbol locations
  1. Click Tools, and then click Options. Expand Debugging, and then click Symbols.

  2. Specify how symbols are found in the Symbol file (.pdb) Locations pane.

To Load symbols manually
  1. Right-click on the Modules window.

  2. Choose Load Symbols from the shortcut menu.

Don't show this dialog again

Disables this dialog box. You can turn it on again by going to the Options dialog box, opening the Debugging Folder, clicking the General category, and selecting Warn if no symbols on launch.

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