This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CIndexes, CIndexInfo

Call the typedef class CIndexes to implement its parameter class CIndexInfo.


See Schema Rowset Classes and Typedef Classes for more information on using typedef classes.

This class identifies the indexes, defined in the catalog, that are owned by a given user.

The following table lists the class data members and their corresponding OLE DB Columns. See INDEXES Rowset in the OLE DB Programmer's Reference for more information about the schema and columns.

Data members OLE DB columns
m_szTableCatalog TABLE_CATALOG
m_szTableSchema TABLE_SCHEMA
m_szTableName TABLE_NAME
m_szIndexCatalog INDEX_CATALOG
m_szIndexSchema INDEX_SCHEMA
m_szIndexName INDEX_NAME
m_bPrimaryKey PRIMARY_KEY
m_bUnique UNIQUE
m_bClustered CLUSTERED
m_nType TYPE
m_nFillFactor FILL_FACTOR
m_nInitialSize INITIAL_SIZE
m_nNulls NULLS
m_bSortBookmarks SORT_BOOKMARKS
m_bAutoUpdate AUTO_UPDATE
m_nNullCollation NULL_COLLATION
m_nOrdinalPosition ORDINAL_POSITION
m_szColumnName COLUMN_NAME
m_guidColumn COLUMN_GUID
m_nCollation COLLATION
m_nCardinality CARDINALITY
m_nPages PAGES
m_szFilterCondition FILTER_CONDITION


Header: atldbsch.h

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