This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CMenu Class

An encapsulation of the Windows HMENU.

class CMenu : public CObject

It provides member functions for creating, tracking, updating, and destroying a menu.

Create a CMenu object on the stack frame as a local, then call CMenu's member functions to manipulate the new menu as needed. Next, call CWnd::SetMenu to set the menu to a window, followed immediately by a call to the CMenu object's Detach member function. The CWnd::SetMenu member function sets the window's menu to the new menu, causes the window to be redrawn to reflect the menu change, and also passes ownership of the menu to the window. The call to Detach detaches the HMENU from the CMenu object, so that when the local CMenu variable passes out of scope, the CMenu object destructor does not attempt to destroy a menu it no longer owns. The menu itself is automatically destroyed when the window is destroyed.

You can use the LoadMenuIndirect member function to create a menu from a template in memory, but a menu created from a resource by a call to LoadMenu is more easily maintained, and the menu resource itself can be created and modified by the menu editor.

Header: afxwin.h