This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Debug Settings and Preparation

This section describes the debugger-related property settings, and the preparation needed in order to debug your program with the Visual Studio debugger. If you create your program in Visual Studio using the project templates, these settings are set correctly for you in the Debug configuration.

For more information, see How to: Set Debug and Release Configurations.

Debugger Project Settings

Explains how to specify debugger settings, how to set debug and release configurations, and how to manage symbols and source code. Also describes appropriate project settings for C++, C#, F#, and Visual Basic debug configurations, as well as web projects.

Debugging DLL Projects

Describes recommended project settings for debugging DLL projects, how to debug from a DLL project, how debug in mixed mode, and how to debug a managed-code Web Control Library.

Debugging Preparation: Console Projects

Describes how to set up and debug a console application.

Debugging Preparation: Visual C++ Project Types

Provides instructions on how to configure specific Visual C++ project types for debugging.

Debugging Preparation: C#, F#, and Visual Basic Project Types

Provides instructions on how to configure specific C#, F#, and Visual Basic project types for debugging.

Debugging Preparation: ASP.NET Web Applications

Provides instructions on how to configure ASP.NET Web applications.

How to: Debug an Executable Not Part of a Visual Studio Solution

Explains how to debug an executable that is not created as part of a Visual Studio project.

Remote Debugging Setup

Describes remote debugging and provides links to setting up remote debugging, errors, and remote debugging across domains.

How to: Debug with Code Center Premium Source

Describes how to debug source from Microsoft Code Center Premium in your Visual Studio Project.

How to: Debug a Partial Trust Application

Describes how to simulate partial trust when debugging an application designed for ClickOnce deployment.

How to: Debug a Remote Cluster Application

Describes how to debug a parallel application running on a high-performance cluster.

How to: Debug 64-Bit Applications

Describes how to debug 64-bit applications.

Debugging on a 64-Bit Platform

Describes how to set up the debugger on 64-bit platforms.

Debugging and the Hosting Process

Describes the differences between debugging with and without the hosting process.

How to: Specify a .NET Framework Version For Debugging

Describes how to set a registry key to indicate to the debugger which version to use.

Debugging Home Page

Provides links to the larger sections of the debugging documentation. Information includes: what's new in the debugger, settings and preparation, breakpoints, handling exceptions, edit and continue, debugging managed code, debugging Visual C++ projects, debugging COM and ActiveX, debugging DLLs, debugging SQL, and the user interface references.