This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Switching to Design View

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Depending on the options set in the General, HTML Designer, Options dialog box, HTML documents initially open in either Design or HTML view.

Certain conditions will stop the HTML Designer from switching to Design view. For example, if a document includes more than one set of <HTML></HTML>, or <TITLE></TITLE>, or <HEAD></HEAD>, or <BODY></BODY> tags, a warning message will appear when you attempt to switch to Design view. Remove the extra page markup tags in HTML view, and you will then be able to switch to Design view.

Note   In some existing code, multiple tags may be used to create special effects. However, because such effects are browser-specific, you might prefer to use more recent and portable ways to produce the same effects. For more information, see Using DHTML Behaviors and HTML+Time.

To switch to Design view

  1. Open an HTML page in the HTML Designer.
  2. Click the Design tab at the bottom of the HTML Designer window.

To open all HTML pages in Design view

  1. On the Tools menu, choose Options.
  2. In the Options dialog box, choose HTML Designer, and then choose General.
  3. Select the Design View option under the Start HTML pages in area.

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