Installer.AfterUninstall Event


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Occurs after all the installers in the Installers property perform their uninstallation operations.

Namespace:   System.Configuration.Install
Assembly:  System.Configuration.Install (in System.Configuration.Install.dll)

Public Event AfterUninstall As InstallEventHandler

The following example demonstrates the AfterUninstall event. It is raised by the OnAfterUninstall method.

' MyInstaller is derived from the class 'Installer'.
Sub New()
   AddHandler AfterUninstall, AddressOf AfterUninstallEventHandler
End Sub 'NewNew

Private Sub AfterUninstallEventHandler(sender As Object, e As InstallEventArgs)
   ' Add steps to perform any actions before the Uninstall process.
   Console.WriteLine("Code for AfterUninstallEventHandler")
End Sub 'AfterUninstallEventHandler

.NET Framework
Available since 1.1
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