This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Network Namespaces in Visual Studio

The network namespaces in the .NET Framework include:

  • System.Net - contains classes that provides a simple programming interface to many of the protocols found on the network today. The WebRequest and WebResponse classes form the basis of "pluggable protocols," an implementation of network services that enables you to develop applications that use Internet resources without worrying about the specific details of the protocol used.

In the Visual Studio Documentation

Walkthrough: Creating a Distributed Application
Demonstrates the use of System.Net to configure Integrated Windows authentication.
Controls and Programmable Objects Compared in Different Languages and Libraries
Mentions classes in the System.Net namespace that replace Internet controls in earlier versions of Visual Basic.
Introduction to the .NET Framework Class Library in Visual Studio
Provides an overview of the namespaces in the .NET Framework.

Additional Information

Best Practices for System.Net Classes
Provides recommendations for using the classes in System.Net.
Securing XML Web Services Created Using ASP.NET
Demonstrates the use of System.Net in security for XML Web services.