ATL General Samples

The following topics are the abstracts for the ATL general samples.

ATLCollections Sample: Demonstrates ICollectionOnSTLImpl, CComEnumOnSTL, and Custom Copy Policy Classes

Demonstrates the use of ICollectionOnSTLImpl and CComEnumOnSTL, and the implementation of custom copy policy classes.

ATLCON Sample: Demonstrates Creating a Simple Container

Demonstrates a simple control container.

ATLEventHandling Sample: Handles Word Events Using IDispEventImpl and IDispEventSimpleImpl

Demonstrates the use of IDispEventImpl and IDispEventSimpleImpl to handle events fired by Microsoft Word.

ATLPages Sample: Implements a Property Page Using IPropertyPageImpl

Demonstrates the implementation of a property page using IPropertyPageImpl.

ATLSafeArray Sample: Demonstrates CComSafeArray and Passing SAFEARRAYs to Script

Shows how to create and maintain SAFEARRAYs using CComSafeArray; also how to pass SAFEARRAYs from a component to script.

AutoThread Sample: Demonstrates the Use of CAtlAutoThreadModule

Demonstrates using CComAutoThreadModule Class.

BEEPER Sample: Demonstrates a Tearoff Interface

Implements a tearoff interface — a collection/enumeration of BSTRs.

CIRCCOLL Sample: Demonstrates a Collection/Enumeration

Implements a collection/enumeration of objects using ATL and the Standard C++ Library.

CustomString Sample: Demonstrates Custom Memory Allocators for CStringT

Shows how to use a custom memory allocator for CStringT to improve performance in a multithreaded application.

DispSink Sample: Handles Events Fired from a Singleton COM Server Through a Dispatch Interface

Demonstrates using a connection point on dispatch interfaces.

LABRADOR Sample: Implements a Server with No User Interface

Implements an EXE server that does not have any user interface.

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