This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Reads or writes this object from or to an archive.

virtual void Serialize(
   CArchive& ar 


A CArchive object to serialize to or from.


You must override Serialize for each class that you intend to serialize. The overridden Serialize must first call the Serialize function of its base class.

You must also use the DECLARE_SERIAL macro in your class declaration, and you must use the IMPLEMENT_SERIAL macro in the implementation.

Use CArchive::IsLoading or CArchive::IsStoring to determine whether the archive is loading or storing.

Serialize is called by CArchive::ReadObject and CArchive::WriteObject. These functions are associated with the CArchive insertion operator (<<) and extraction operator (>>).

For serialization examples, see the article Serialization: Serializing an Object.


See CObList::CObList for a listing of the CAge class used in all CObject examples.

// example for CObject::Serialize
void CAge::Serialize( CArchive& ar )
 CObject::Serialize( ar );
     if( ar.IsStoring() )
     ar << m_years;
     ar >> m_years;

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