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Returns the handle of the heap that's used by the C run-time system.

intptr_t _get_heap_handle( void );  

Returns the handle to the Win32 heap used by the C run-time system.

Use this function if you want to call HeapSetInformation and enable the Low Fragmentation Heap on the CRT heap.

RoutineRequired header

For more compatibility information, see Compatibility.

// crt_get_heap_handle.cpp  
// compile with: /MT  
#include <windows.h>  
#include <malloc.h>  
#include <stdio.h>  
int main(void)  
    intptr_t hCrtHeap = _get_heap_handle();  
    ULONG ulEnableLFH = 2;  
    if (HeapSetInformation((PVOID)hCrtHeap,  
                           &ulEnableLFH, sizeof(ulEnableLFH)))  
        puts("Enabling Low Fragmentation Heap succeeded");  
        puts("Enabling Low Fragmentation Heap failed");  
    return 0;  

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