This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Copy Members

Windows SharePoint Services 3

Provides methods for copying files between SharePoint sites or within a SharePoint site.

The following tables list the members exposed by the Copy type.

  Name Description
Public method Copy Initializes a new instance of the Copy class.

(see also Protected Properties )
  Name Description
Public property AllowAutoRedirect  (inherited from HttpWebClientProtocol)
Public property ClientCertificates  (inherited from HttpWebClientProtocol)
Public property ConnectionGroupName  (inherited from WebClientProtocol)
Public property Container  (inherited from Component)
Public property CookieContainer  (inherited from HttpWebClientProtocol)
Public property Credentials  (inherited from WebClientProtocol)
Public property EnableDecompression  (inherited from HttpWebClientProtocol)
Public property PreAuthenticate  (inherited from WebClientProtocol)
Public property Proxy  (inherited from HttpWebClientProtocol)
Public property RequestEncoding  (inherited from WebClientProtocol)
Public property Site  (inherited from Component)
Public property SoapVersion  (inherited from SoapHttpClientProtocol)
Public property Timeout  (inherited from WebClientProtocol)
Public property UnsafeAuthenticatedConnectionSharing  (inherited from HttpWebClientProtocol)
Public property Url  (inherited from WebClientProtocol)
Public property UseDefaultCredentials  (inherited from WebClientProtocol)
Public property UserAgent  (inherited from HttpWebClientProtocol)

  Name Description
Protected property CanRaiseEvents  (inherited from Component)
Protected property DesignMode  (inherited from Component)
Protected property Events  (inherited from Component)

(see also Protected Methods )
  Name Description
Public method Abort  (inherited from WebClientProtocol)
Public method CopyIntoItems Copies a document represented by a Byte array to one or more locations on a server.
Public method CopyIntoItemsLocal Copies a document from one location on a server running Windows SharePoint Services to another location on the same server.
Public method CreateObjRef  (inherited from MarshalByRefObject)
Public method Discover  (inherited from SoapHttpClientProtocol)
Public method Dispose  Overloaded. (inherited from Component)
Public method Equals  Overloaded. (inherited from Object)
Public method Static GenerateXmlMappings  Overloaded. (inherited from HttpWebClientProtocol)
Public method GetHashCode  (inherited from Object)
Public method GetItem Generates a Byte array representation of a document that can be passed to the CopyIntoItems method to copy the document to a different server.
Public method GetLifetimeService  (inherited from MarshalByRefObject)
Public method GetType  (inherited from Object)
Public method InitializeLifetimeService  (inherited from MarshalByRefObject)
Public method Static ReferenceEquals  (inherited from Object)
Public method ToString  (inherited from Component)

  Name Description
Protected method Static AddToCache  (inherited from WebClientProtocol)
Protected method BeginInvoke  (inherited from SoapHttpClientProtocol)
Protected method CancelAsync  (inherited from HttpWebClientProtocol)
Protected method Dispose  Overloaded. (inherited from Component)
Protected method EndInvoke  (inherited from SoapHttpClientProtocol)
Protected method Finalize  (inherited from Component)
Protected method Static GetFromCache  (inherited from WebClientProtocol)
Protected method GetReaderForMessage  (inherited from SoapHttpClientProtocol)
Protected method GetService  (inherited from Component)
Protected method GetWebRequest  (inherited from SoapHttpClientProtocol)
Protected method GetWebResponse  Overloaded. (inherited from HttpWebClientProtocol)
Protected method GetWriterForMessage  (inherited from SoapHttpClientProtocol)
Protected method Invoke  (inherited from SoapHttpClientProtocol)
Protected method InvokeAsync  Overloaded. (inherited from SoapHttpClientProtocol)
Protected method MemberwiseClone  Overloaded. (inherited from MarshalByRefObject)

  Name Description
Public event Disposed  (inherited from Component)