How to: Debug the OnStart Method


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You can debug a Windows service by starting the service and attaching the debugger to the service process. For more information, see How to: Debug Windows Service Applications. However, to debug the ServiceBase.OnStart method of a Windows service, you must launch the debugger from inside the method.

  1. Add a call to Launch at the beginning of the OnStart()method.

    protected override void OnStart(string[] args)  
  2. Start the service (you can use net start, or start it in the Services window).

    You should see a dialog box like the following:


  3. Select Yes, debug <service name>.

  4. In the Just-In-Time Debugger window, select the version of Visual Studio you want to use for debugging.


  5. A new instance of Visual Studio starts, and execution is stopped at the Debugger.Launch() method.

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