Accessing Computer Resources
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Accessing Computer Resources

The My.Computer object is one of the three central objects in My, providing access to information and commonly used functionality. My.Computer provides methods, properties, and events for accessing the computer on which the application is running. Its objects include:

Playing Sounds

Lists tasks associated with My.Computer.Audio, such as playing a sound in the background.

Storing Data to and Reading From the Clipboard

Lists tasks associated with My.Computer.Clipboard, such as reading data from or writing data to the Clipboard.

Accessing the Computer's Clock

Lists tasks associated with My.Computer.Clock, such as determining the local system time.

Getting Information about the Computer

Lists tasks associated with My.Computer.Info, such as determining a computer's full name or IP addresses.

Accessing the Keyboard

Lists tasks associated with My.Computer.Keyboard, such as determining whether CAPS LOCK is on.

Accessing the Mouse

Lists tasks associated with My.Computer.Mouse, such as determining whether a mouse is present.

Performing Network Operations

Lists tasks associated with My.Computer.Network, such as uploading or downloading files.

Accessing the Computer's Ports

Lists tasks associated with My.Computer.Ports, such as showing available serial ports or sending strings to serial ports.

Reading from and Writing to the Registry

Lists tasks associated with My.Computer.Registry, such as reading data from or writing data to registry keys.

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