This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Visual Basic Upgrade Report

When a Visual Basic 6.0 project is upgraded to Visual Basic .NET, an upgrade report is added to the project in Solution Explorer. The upgrade report contains information about the upgrade process as well as a list of issues uncovered during the upgrade that will need to be addressed before your project can be run.

The upgrade report is in HTML format; you can view it within the Visual Studio .NET development environment by double-clicking the file in Solution Explorer, or you can view it in an external browser by choosing Browse With from the File menu.

The first portion of the report contains general information about the upgrade, including the settings that were used during the upgrade and the location of the new project files.

The remainder of the report contains a listing of global issues plus a listing for each file that was upgraded. By expanding the section for each file, you can view a detailed list of issues that will need to be addressed. Each issue includes information about the severity of the issue, the location of the code that must be fixed, and a description of the issue.

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