CDaoWorkspaceInfo Structure


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The CDaoWorkspaceInfo structure contains information about a workspace defined for data access objects (DAO) database access.

struct CDaoWorkspaceInfo  
    CString m_strName;           // Primary  
    CString m_strUserName;       // Secondary  
    BOOL m_bIsolateODBCTrans;    // All  


Uniquely names the workspace object. To retrieve the value of this property directly, call the querydef object's GetName member function. For more information, see the topic "Name Property" in DAO Help.

A value that represents the owner of a workspace object. For related information, see the topic "UserName Property" in DAO Help.

A value that indicates whether multiple transactions that involve the same ODBC database are isolated. For more information, see CDaoWorkspace::SetIsolateODBCTrans. For related information, see the topic "IsolateODBCTrans Property" in DAO Help.

The workspace is an object of class CDaoWorkspace. The references to Primary, Secondary, and All above indicate how the information is returned by the GetWorkspaceInfo member function in class CDaoWorkspace.

Information retrieved by the CDaoWorkspace::GetWorkspaceInfo member function is stored in a CDaoWorkspaceInfo structure. CDaoWorkspaceInfo also defines a Dump member function in debug builds. You can use Dump to dump the contents of a CDaoWorkspaceInfo object.

Header: afxdao.h

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