2.1 Transport

The CIFS Browser Protocol MUST use the Remote Mailslot Protocol transfer service, as specified in [MS-MAIL]. The CIFS Browser Protocol uses Mailslot messages to accomplish inter-machine communication. This communication can be one-to-one (using unique NetBIOS names) or one-to-many (using group NetBIOS names). Two specific Mailslot names, \MAILSLOT\LANMAN and \MAILSLOT\BROWSE, are used by the CIFS Browser Protocol. The browser client or browser server MUST create these mailslots as specified in [MS-MAIL] section and provide the mailslot name as the input parameter. A browser server MUST accept browser requests on either of these mailslots. A browser client and server MAY select either mailslot for sending messages. Each browser message specifies the destination mailslot name it uses, as specified in section 2.2.<6>

The CIFS Browser Protocol MUST use the Remote Administration Protocol [MS-RAP] to transport the request/response command NetServerEnum2, as specified in [MS-RAP] section