Sending a GetBackupListRequest Frame

The caller MUST provide the NetBIOS name of the machine group.

The browser client MUST set MachineGroupNameInProgress to the machine group provided.

The browser client MUST send a GetBackupListRequest frame, as specified in section 2.2.4. When generating the GetBackupListRequest, the client MUST initialize TokenValue. How the client selects the token is implementation-defined. The token exists solely to allow the client to differentiate between GetBackupListResponse calls.<28> The client MUST then set the Token field of the GetBackupListRequest to TokenValue.

The browser client MUST send the frame to the server by issuing a mailslot write as specified in [MS-MAIL] section, with the following parameters.

Parameter name


NetBIOS name of the remote server

<machine group>[0x1D]

Mailslot name



GetBackupListRequest as specified in 2.2.4.

The client SHOULD ignore the error even if the send fails. After the browser request has been sent, the client MUST start the GetBackupListRequest timer.