This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Sets the text of a given control in a dialog box to the string representation of a specified integer value.

void SetDlgItemInt( 
   int nID, 
   UINT nValue, 
   BOOL bSigned = TRUE  


Specifies the integer ID of the control to be changed.


Specifies the integer value used to generate the item text.


Specifies whether the integer value is signed or unsigned. If this parameter is TRUE, nValue is signed. If this parameter is TRUE and nValue is less than 0, a minus sign is placed before the first digit in the string. If this parameter is FALSE, nValue is unsigned.

SetDlgItemInt sends a WM_SETTEXT message to the given control.

See the example for CWnd::SetDlgItemText.

Header: afxwin.h