Country/Region Strings
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Country/Region Strings

The following is a list of Country/Region strings recognized by setlocale. Strings for countries/regions that are not supported by the operating system are not accepted by setlocale. Three-letter Country/Region-name codes are from the International Organization for Standardization and International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC) specification 3166.

Country/Region Country/Region string
Australia "aus" or "australia"
Austria "aut" or "austria"
Belgium "bel" or "belgium"
Brazil "bra" or "brazil"
Canada "can" or "canada"
China "china", "chn", "pr china", or "pr-china"
Czech Republic "cze" or "czech"
Denmark "dnk" or "denmark"
Finland "fin" or "finland"
France "fra" or "france"
Germany "deu" or "germany"
Greece "grc" or "greece"
Hong Kong SAR "hkg", "hong kong", or "hong-kong"
Hungary "hun" or "hungary"
Iceland "iceland" or "isl"
Ireland "irl" or "ireland"
Italy "ita" or "italy"
Japan "jpn" or "japan"
Korea "kor" or "korea"
Mexico "mex" or "mexico"
The Netherlands "nld", "holland", or "netherlands"
New Zealand "nzl", "new zealand", "new-zealand", or "nz"
Norway "nor" or "norway"
Poland "pol" or "poland"
Portugal "prt" or "portugal"
Russia "rus" or "russia"
Singapore "sgp" or "singapore"
Slovakia "svk" or "slovak"
Spain "esp" or "spain"
Sweden "swe" or "sweden"
Switzerland "che" or "switzerland"
Taiwan "twn" or "taiwan"
Turkey "tur" or "turkey"
United Kingdom "gbr", "britain", "england", "great britain", "uk", "united kingdom", or "united-kingdom"
United States "usa", "america", "united states", "united-states", or "us"

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