Using ASP.NET Mobile Controls in the Designer 

Through its integration with Visual Studio, the ASP.NET Mobile Designer enables programmers to access a rich set of interactive development tools. The topics in this section describe how to use the designer to add ASP.NET mobile controls to ASP.NET mobile Web Forms pages. It also describes how to configure them.

In This Section

Container Controls

Explains how to create groupings of controls and content using container controls.

Standard Controls

Describes the use of standard controls for such tasks as displaying information, creating navigation links, obtaining user input, or placing phone calls.

List Controls

Presents information on using list controls to display lists of items, including data-bound items.

Validation Controls

Explains how to use validation controls to verify user input to other controls, and, if input is not valid, how to display an error message to the user.

Special Controls

Describes a set of controls that are not rendered at run time. Instead, they define styles for your mobile Web Forms page or enable the use of control templates and property overrides values.

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