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Simulation Samples Overview

These samples are provided for the Visual Simulation Environment to illustrate more advanced concepts. They include:

  • Embedded Simulation - Explains how to embed the Simulator into a window in another application
  • Pursuit Camera - Demonstrates how the pursuit camera follows an entity in the Simulator

In addition to these samples, there are several simulation services that are available for use in the simulation environment. These services include complete robot implementations as well as sensors and actuators that can be used on other robots.

Simulated Robots:

  • Kuka LBR3 Articulated Arm
  • Pioneer 3DX
  • iRobot Create


  • Simulated Bumper
  • Simulated Differential Drive - Used as the basis for wheeled robots
  • Simulated Webcam

Because the simulated sensors conform to the corresponding generic contracts, they are not documented separately because they behave in the same way as real hardware devices.


Additional Samples

More simulation samples are available on CodePlex. Search CodePlex for "robotics" to find the latest samples. These include:



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