Getting Started with DSS Samples and Tutorials

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Getting Started with DSS Samples and Tutorials

As part of Decentralized Software Services (DSS), we provide an extensive list of samples and tutorials that illustrate the principles behind DSS. The samples and tutorials illustrate how to get started with simple local tasks through writing complex distributed applications.

  • DSS Service Tutorials: The service tutorials provide an introduction to several features of the service oriented application model including dealing with state management, subscriptions, and accessing services through a Web browser. Service Tutorials also include examples of how to use DSS Manifest Editor to design and deploy applications that run across multiple nodes. The service tutorials require no robotics hardware, but do require some .NET programming skills.

  • DSS Interop and Device Samples: These samples provide a broad set of samples that demonstrate how to use DSS with various technologies including Web cameras, game controllers, Graphical User Interfaces (Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Framework, WPF), etc.



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