Silverlight Debugging


The topics in this section describe the environment and interfaces that the common language runtime (CLR) provides to support debugging Silverlight-based applications that are running on the Windows operating system, or on the Macintosh platform.

In This Section

EnumerateCLRs Function

Provides a mechanism for enumerating the CLRs in a process.

CloseCLREnumeration Function

Closes any valid CLR continue-startup events located in an array of handles returned by the EnumerateCLRs Function, and frees the memory for the handle and string path arrays.

CreateCoreClrDebugTarget Function

Creates a connection to a remote target for process and runtime enumeration.

CreateCordbObject Function

Creates a debugger interface that provides functionality for instantiating a managed debugging session on a remote process.

CreateVersionStringFromModule Function

Creates a version string from a CLR path in a target process.

CreateDebuggingInterfaceFromVersion Function for Silverlight

Accepts a CLR version string returned from CreateVersionStringFromModule Functionfunction, and returns a corresponding debugger interface.

CoreClrDebugProcInfo Structure

Represents a process that is running on a remote machine.

CoreClrDebugRuntimeInfo Structure

Represents a CLR instance that is loaded in a process on a remote machine.

GetStartupNotificationEvent Function

Creates or opens an event handle that will be signaled upon by any common language runtime (CLR) that is loading in the specified target process.

ICoreClrDebugTarget Interface

Creates a connection to a remote target for process and runtime enumeration.

InitDbgTransportManager Function

Initializes the transport manager to connect to a remote target for process and runtime enumeration.

ShutdownDbgTransportManager Function

Shuts down the transport manager for a connection to a remote target machine.