GeocodeServiceClient Constructor


Initializes a new instance of the GeocodeServiceClient Class.

public GeocodeServiceClient()

public GeocodeServiceClient(string endpointConfigurationName)

public GeocodeServiceClient(string endpointConfigurationName, string remoteAddress)

public GeocodeServiceClient(string endpointConfigurationName, System.ServiceModel.EndpointAddress remoteAddress)

public GeocodeServiceClient(System.ServiceModel.Channels.Binding binding, System.ServiceModel.EndpointAddress remoteAddress)


The endpoint for a service that allows clients to find and communicate with the service.


The binding with which to make calls to the service.


The address of the service endpoint.

The Geocode service provides endpoints for Basic HTTP and Binary over HTTP configurations. When you create a proxy for your application, references to both endpoints are added to your application. Therefore, you must specify the endpoint you want to use. To specify the endpoint, use the following endpoint configuration names.

Endpoint Configuration Type

Endpoint Configuration Name

Basic HTTP


Binary over HTTP



Create a GeocodeServiceClient object that uses the binary over HTTP endpoint.

GeocodeService.GeocodeServiceClient geocodeService = new GeocodeService.GeocodeServiceClient("CustomBinding_IGeocodeService");