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ImageryMetadataResult.ImageUri Property

This documentation is no longer available on MSDN. It is available as a CHM or PDF download. For the newest Geocoding, Imagery, Routing and Traffic services, see the Bing Maps REST Services

A string specifying the URI for the image. Get this property from the service response.

public string ImageUri { set; get; }

  • The URI returned in the ImageUri property may contain placeholders that must be supplied before the URI is used. The table below lists the possible placeholders.

    URI Placeholder Description


    The culture of the map. A list of supported culture strings is in the RequestBase.Culture Property topic.


    The quadkey of the tile. For information about quadkeys, see the Bing Maps Tile System article in the Bing Maps Articles.


    The sub-domain to use to retrieve tiles to allow maximum performance for network calls. The valid values are t0, t1, t2, or t3.


    The ID of the tile. Information about tile IDs is found in the Understanding Tiles topic.


    The client token of the requestor, if one exists.

    If you are using Bing Maps Keys, you can ignore the {token} string because this is a legacy item and is not processed as part of the URI. If you are using tokens, please upgrade your application to use Bing Maps Keys. The Bing Maps Token Service will be retired on March 30, 2012. For information about upgrading your application to use Bing Maps Keys, see Migrating from Tokens to Keys.


    The zoom level of the map.

  • If the UserProfile.DeviceType Property specified is Mobile, then the ImageUri property contains a URI for a map designed for mobile devices. This only applies to the AerialWithLabels and Road map styles.

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