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SearchRequest Class

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Contains the properties needed to make a Search service request. This class inherits from the RequestBase Class.

public class SearchRequest : RequestBase

Name Description


Initializes a new instance of a SearchRequest object.

Name Description


A Credentials Class object that identifies the requestor. Required. (Inherited from the RequestBase Class.)


A string specifying the culture in which to return results. Optional. The default value is "en-US". (Inherited from the RequestBase Class.)


An ExecutionOptions Class object specifying calculation and return options of the request. Optional. (Inherited from the RequestBase Class.)


A string containing the query to parse and match to a search result. Optional.


A SearchOptions Class object used to refine the search request. Optional.


A StructuredSearchQuery Class object containing the query to match to a search result. Optional.


A UserProfile Class object containing user information helpful in service calculations. Optional. (Inherited from the RequestBase Class.)

The Query, StructuredQuery, and SearchOptions properties are optional, but at least one of the following must be set: Query, StructuredQuery, or SearchOptions.Filters Property.

The Query and StructuredQuery properties cannot both be specified.

If the Query and StructuredQuery properties are not specified, then the SearchOptions.Filters property can only contain filters with a property ID of 1 (category filter).

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