SearchRegion.Source Property


A string indicating the source of the match for the 'where' component of the search query. Get this property from the service response.

public string Source { set; get; }

The following table lists the possible values for the Source property.




The search query was performed using information about the user's current location, which is either provided directly in the UserProfile.CurrentLocation Property or calculated based on the IP address found in the UserProfile.IPAddress Property. In this case, both the SearchRegion.BoundingArea Property and the SearchRegion.GeocodeLocation Property may be populated.


The 'where' component of the search query was matched to an area of the map, which is returned in the SearchRegion.BoundingArea Property.


The 'where' component of the search query was matched to a geocode result. The SearchRegion.GeocodeLocation Property is populated with results of the geocode and the SearchRegion.BoundingArea Property contains the best map view of the geocoded result.