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CommunityContentSearchResult Class

This documentation is no longer available on MSDN. It is available as a CHM or PDF download. For the newest Geocoding, Imagery, Routing and Traffic services, see the Bing Maps REST Services

Represents a search result from community content listings. This class inherits from the SearchResultBase Class.

Public Class CommunityContentSearchResult Inherits SearchResultBase

Name Description


Initializes a new instance of a CommunityContentSearchResult object.

Name Description


A System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary <string,object> object containing additional information about the community content.


A string containing the description of the community content.


A double indicating the distance between the search result and the 'where' component of the search query. (Inherited from the SearchResultBase Class.)


A string representing the ID of the search result. (Inherited from the SearchResultBase Class.)


A LocationData Class object containing information about the location of the result. (Inherited from the SearchResultBase Class.)


A string containing the listing title of the search result. (Inherited from the SearchResultBase Class.)

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