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ReverseGeocodeRequest Class

This documentation is no longer available on MSDN. It is available as a CHM or PDF download. For the newest Geocoding, Imagery, Routing and Traffic services, see the Bing Maps REST Services

Contains the properties needed to make a ReverseGeocode service request. This class inherits from the RequestBase Class.

public class ReverseGeocodeRequest : RequestBase

Name Description


Initializes a new instance of a ReverseGeocodeRequest object.

Name Description


A Credentials Class object that identifies the requestor. Required. (Inherited from the RequestBase Class.)


A string specifying the culture in which to return results. Optional. The default value is "en-US". (Inherited from the RequestBase Class.)


An ExecutionOptions Class object specifying calculation and return options of the request. Optional. (Inherited from the RequestBase Class.)


A Location Class object specifying the map location to match to known geographic entities. Required.


A UserProfile Class object containing user information helpful in service calculations. Optional. (Inherited from the RequestBase Class.)

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