Conversation.SendMessage Method (Message)

Sends a message to all participants in the conversation.

Feature:  Messenger.Core
Namespace:  Microsoft.Live.Messenger



Type: Microsoft.Live.Messenger.Message
The message to send.

The SendMessage method sends messages to all participants in the conversation. The method accepts objects derived from the abstract Message class. Most commonly, a TextMessage is used to send text-based messages to contacts.

To determine whether a particular MessageType is supported by the current conversation, the SupportsMessageType(MessageType) method should be used.

The MessageReceived event is raised when messages sent by other contacts or other endpoints of the user are received by this conversation. The event should be handled to detect messages that have been received.

Exceptionmessage is a null reference.
ExceptionThe format of message is invalid.
ExceptionThe message type is not supported by the conversation.
ExceptionThe user is not signed in.

Windows Live Messenger Web Toolkit

Supported in: 3.7, 3.5, 3.1, 3.0, 2.5

Internet Explorer 8.0, Internet Explorer 7.0, Internet Explorer 6.0, Firefox 3.5, Firefox 3.0, Firefox 2.0, Firefox 1.5, Chrome 3.0, Chrome 2.0, Chrome 1.0, Safari 4.0, Safari 3.0