Windows Live Photo Gallery Publishing Plug-in Platform Overview

The Windows Live Photo Gallery Publishing Plug-in Platform enables the creation of photo and video publishing plug-ins.

A publishing plug-in is a .NET application that integrates with one or more Windows Live client applications, and provides users with the ability to publish photos or videos to an arbitrary destination or service. The plug-in platform defines a set of interfaces that enable communication between the Windows Live client application and the plug-in; the publishing plug-in itself provides any user interface (UI) that is required for a particular publishing process, and handles the details of communicating with the destination service.

A ribbon gallery in the Windows Live application lists available publishing plug-ins. For example, in Windows Live Photo Gallery, publishing plug-ins are accessible in the Share ribbon gallery on the Home tab.

The following Windows Live applications support publishing plug-ins:

  • Windows Live Photo Gallery
  • Windows Live Movie Maker

To download these applications, visit Windows Live Downloads.

The following topics provide information about the publishing plug-in platform and explain the requirements for implementing a publishing plug-in.