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GeocodeServiceClient.ReverseGeocode Method


Finds geographic entities and addresses for a specified map location (known as reverse geocoding).

public GeocodeResponse ReverseGeocode(ReverseGeocodeRequest request)


A ReverseGeocodeRequest object that contains the header and parameter information for the service operation.

Returns a GeocodeResponse Class, which contains a GeocodeResult Class array.


private void MakeReverseGeocodeRequest() {
	string Results = "";
	try {
		//  Set a Bing Maps key before making a request 
		string key = "Bing Maps Key";
		GeocodeService.ReverseGeocodeRequest reverseGeocodeRequest = new GeocodeService.ReverseGeocodeRequest();
		//  Set the credentials using a valid Bing Maps key 
		reverseGeocodeRequest.Credentials = new GeocodeService.Credentials();
		reverseGeocodeRequest.Credentials.ApplicationId = key;
		//  Set the point to use to find a matching address 
		GeocodeService.Location point = new GeocodeService.Location();
		point.Latitude = 47.608;
		point.Longitude = -122.337;
		reverseGeocodeRequest.Location = point;
		//  Make the reverse geocode request 
		GeocodeService.GeocodeServiceClient geocodeService = new GeocodeService.GeocodeServiceClient("BasicHttpBinding_IGeocodeService");
		GeocodeService.GeocodeResponse geocodeResponse = geocodeService.ReverseGeocode(reverseGeocodeRequest);
		Results = geocodeResponse.Results[0].DisplayName;
	} catch (Exception ex) {
		Results = "An exception occurred: " + ex.Message;
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