Windows Server Protocols (WSPP)

The Work Group Server Protocol Program (WSPP) technical documentation set provides detailed technical specifications for protocols, including extensions to industry-standard or other published protocols. These protocols are used by Microsoft Windows Server operating systems, including Windows NT Server 4.0, Windows 2000 Server Standard Edition, Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2, to provide file, print, and user and group administration services to Windows work group networks, including Windows 98 and successors up to and including Windows 7. The documentation set includes a set of companion overview and reference documents that supplement the technical specifications with conceptual background, overviews of inter-protocol relationships and interactions, and technical reference information, such as common data types and error codes.


The WSPP technical documentation is intended for use in conjunction with publicly available standard specifications, network programming art, and Windows distributed systems concepts. It assumes that the reader either is familiar with this material or has immediate access to it.

The technical documentation provides the following levels of audience support.

  • For implementers: Conceptual and reference information for an implementation of one or more protocol specifications for a given task or scenario.

  • For reviewers: A resource for readers who want to evaluate or understand one or more protocols.

More Information

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