Bulk Load Update Text/Write Text

Stream Name:


Stream Function:

Describes the format of bulk-loaded data with UpdateText or WriteText. The format is the length of the data followed by the data itself.

Stream Comments:

  • Packet header type 0x07.

  • This message sent to the server contains bulk data to be inserted. The client MUST have previously issued a "UPDATETEXT BULK" or "WRITETEXT BULK" T-SQL statement to the server. For information about the UPDATETEXT BULK and WRITETEXT BULK syntax, see [MSDN-UPDATETEXT] and [MSDN-WRITETEXT], respectively.

  • The server returns a RETURNVALUE token containing the new timestamp for this column.

Stream-Specific Rules:

 BulkData         =   L_VARBYTE

Sub Message Definition:

 BulkLoadUTWT     =   BulkData

Stream Parameter Details




Contains the BulkData length and BulkData data within the L_VARBYTE.